The project

Be SpectACTive! is a European project based on audience development, involving some of the most innovative European organizations working on active spectatorship in contemporary performing arts. Its members are European festivals, theatres, universities and a research center.


What we do?

Be SpectACTive! aims to strengthen audience engagement with artistic creation and with cultural organizations. Its main means of action will be 21 new theatre and dance shows, 54 creative residencies, 30 workshops (with 1.000 local spectators who will choose and programme 108 shows), 4 international conferences and a constant online interaction between artists and web-users. But Be SpectACTive! is also a research project: it will accompany all the previous areas of action in order to evaluate their impact and effectiveness.


In an age of personalization and ubiquitous interactive platforms – where audiences increasingly demand active participation in culture rather than passive consumption – BeSpectACTive! will enable European arts organizations to explore new models and concepts of participation, accessibility, interaction and social cohesion. It focuses on the interaction between cultural activities and new concepts of citizenship and legitimacy, including the most advanced theories of participatory governance.

Key word

The key word is active spectatorship. It refers to each mechanism through which audiences, namely spectators or citizens, take on the role of decision makers with regard to the many aspects needed to carry out a theatre or dance festival. The project aims to give the audience a decision-making role, providing spectators with individual responsibilities in a common space of creation.

21new theatre and dance shows
54creative residencies
1000local spectators who will choose and programme 108 shows
4international conferences

live show productions

Be SpectACTive! will produce 12 new theatre and dance shows which will come to life through a relationship with the audience. The 12 companies involved will be carefully chosen through a common assessment process expressed by the artistic directors of theatres and festivals partners to the project. Three creative residencies (in three different countries) will be given to each company. The creative residencies will be crucial for the relation with local audiences and for the artists to get in contact with different cultural contexts. Artists will open their rehearsals to groups of local spectators and listen to their impressions.

online show productions / Interactive platform

Thanks to this platform, the artists present and discuss their creative research with the audience, using cross-media files such as texts, images, videos and music. 9 new dance projects will be produced. Each choreographer and his/her dancers will have 2 residences, in 2 different theatres in Europe. During each residency, the choreographer and the dancers will work together with a local filmmaker, who will make the shooting and the video-editing of their work.
Click below on the name of the artists, look their creative work and interact with them!


Inspired by Martin Luther King’s speech (I Have a Dream…), the work will explore how this lyrical polemic of the American civil rights movement relates to the dreams of various contemporary communities in Europe. It will focus on the female perspective, exploring what the dreams of young women consist of, how our private and public dreams may unite or divide us and expose the fears and the social unrest that they emerge from.

Cities of residency: London, Budapest


A solo dancer, who is self-proclaiming naked, physical and carnal, and as such exposes himself to the gaze. “Biography of a Body” is a journey towards the discovery of the geography of a body in which the individual vision does not matter as much as the transformational sense of the gesture: recognizing oneself through the gaze of the other and rediscovering the body itself as a locus of experience rather than as an object of representation.

Cities of residency: Sibiu, Zagreb


Becoming a parent: the world has turned upside down.
What is changing? What is unchanged? How does the focus shift? Priorities, your attitude to time and to problems. Where is the ego? What do we gain, what do we lose? How does a child change your life and your personality and your relationship with others?  ‘Life in progress’ is a research and piece for adults about children and adults, about all that is there or there isn’t between them.

Cities of residency: Praha, Budapest.


In the ancient Greece, during the Olympic Games, an Olympic truce was declared and any internal conflict was suspended to allow athletes and citizens to fully enjoy the event. Would this tool take on a new meaning today? In which form and with which set of rules has Europe been redefining its vision on its internal conflicts?

Cities of residency: York – Zagreb


Tereza Hradilková (CZ), Einat Ganz (IL), Klára Alexová (CZ) – OTHERLANDS (2016)
Three authors, three women, three different countries: Czech Republic, Netherlands and Israel. How would the experience of being a woman today differ from place to place?
How varied is the confession of interviewed women of different age, profession, nationality and social condition?

Cities of residency: Sansepolcro, Zagreb

csaba main


An investigation about transformation of trust in a relationship between two individuals.  The relationship between professional and customer, two complete strangers who need to work together in a small scale environment, face to face, body to body – like doctors, hairdressers, masseurs, dancers etc. What is happening when the trust between them is broken? In the moment when clarity becomes slightly obscured, get ambiguous, when trust is broken and one becomes vulnerable, discriminated?

Cities of residency: Prague, Zagreb



“The image I have of this work is a continuous phrasing of dance performed by the two dancers moving in and out from the two exits of the backdrop. It is a dance which places the dancers in a constant crossing the stage rather than “staying” on the stage. I consider the Time as a measurable order: individual events follow one to another and are related to one another.” Claudia Catarzi

Cities of residency: Ljubljana, York

photo by Camilla Cerea
photo by Camilla Cerea

DAN CANHAM (UK) – (2015-2016)

Dan’s practice of choreographic storytelling is meticulous, featuring audio scores comprised of interview audio clips overlaid with textured sound. The sounds correlate with the interviews and articulate Dan’s choreography. Dan Canham will undergo a process of R&D in each host city to build performance material, in the documentary dance-theatre style that Dan has become renowned for.

Cities of residency: London, Praha

photo by Andrea Vašatová
photo by Andrea Vašatová


During the residency program he will explore the phenomenon of correspondence based on the personal experiences of the participants. Stories, situations, topics and interpersonal relationships will be the basis for improvisation and theatrical form. Zahora and the participants will explore the journey from concrete and fully illustrative expression to an abstract one, leading to a more general meaning.

Cities of residency: Sibiu, Sansepolcro, Prague

  • Ultimately, the stylistic method presupposes the existence of a fourth creator in addition to the author, the director, and the actor—namely, the spectator.

    Vsevelod MeyerholdFirst Attempts at a Stylized Theatre, 1907
  • The public is no longer a collection of hypnotized test subjects, but an assembly of interested persons whose demands it must satisfy.

    Walter BenjaminWhat is Epic Theatre? A study on Brecht, 1939
  • We don’t need to turn spectators into actors. We do need to acknowledge that every spectator is already an actor in his own story and that every actor is in turn the spectator of the same kind of story.

    Jacques RanciéreThe Emancipated Spectator, 2008




A local group of spectators has been created in every city of the network: they will work all year long to select part of the programming of different theatre/festival. All around Europe people have been empowered, their opinions taken into account, their suggestions carefully followed. In this project, there are not “educational” activities, where some experts are teaching the audience what a good piece of art is made of, there are not even community art actions: the project is instead a peer exchange, where everyone (audience, professionals, artists) actively learns, listening the others. Look at the list of the shows chosen by spectators.


Shows selected by the local group of active spectators for the Czech Dance Platform, Tanec Praha (Czech Republic)

Creep by Tantehorse/Miřenka Čechová
Wednesday 4 April

Let’s Dance! by VerTeDance/Petra Tejnorová a kol.
Thursday 5 April

Enola by Eliška Brtnická, Stanislav Abrahám
Saturday 7 April

DOMINO, Zagreb, Domino (Croatia)

Shows chosen by the group of active spectators within the Perforations Festival:

Igre glasom by Dada Horvat
Zlatna medalja by Vesna Mačković
Jedan ili više vukova by D.B. Indoš

Shows chosen by active spectators within the Sounded bodies festival:

Heroes by John Scott
Oracle by Natascha Nikeprevelic
This is a musical by Karol Tyminski
Micro teatar
Pod staklenim zvonom by Vesna Mačković

VISIONARI, Sansepolcro, Kilowatt Festival (Italy)

The Visionari group of 32 spectators chose these shows for the Kilowatt Festival 2017:

Hallo! I’m Jacket-il gioco del nulla by Dimitri Canessa
Giovanna D’Arco-La Rivolta by Pupilunari/Hermit Crab
Tuttuno by Sa.Ni
Wednesday 19 July

Vedi alla voce Almaby Aparte, Ali per l’Arte
La casa del panda by Compagnia TPO
Animula by Daria Menichetti
Thursday 20 July

Terra Matta by Stefano Panzeri
Soggetto senza titolo by Olimpia Fortuni
The hard way to understand each other by Teatro Presente
Friday 21 July

Shows chosen by the local active spectators, Sibiu International Theatre Festival (Romania)

Aglaja by Reactor Company
Saturday 10 June

Cold by UNTEATRU Theatre
Tuesday 13 June

Machine de cirque by Machine de cirque
Saturday 17 and Sunday 18 June

Spring Awakening by Teatrul Mic

Shows chosen by the local active spectators, Tanec Praha (Czech Republic)

Swish by Tereza Hradilková and coll.
Friday 7 April

Saturday 8 April:

L/One of the Seven by ME-SA Andrej Petrovič

Shames by HOLEKTIV

Shows chosen by the local active spectators, Bakelit Multi Art Center (Hungary)

Floating by Ziggurat Project
Polvo/Dust by Otra Danza
Temporaneo Tempobeat by AIEP
Ikutani San by Electro Kagura
Betelgez by Ki Omos Kineitai
Garbage Girls by Gruppo e-Motion
Alleyezon by Gray Box
The life and Times of Ms. Karen Henderson by Maria Naidu

VISIONARI, Sansepolcro, Kilowatt Festival (Italy)

The Visionari group of 24 spectators chose these shows for the Kilowatt Festival 2016:

20 July 2016
Sulla morte senza esagerare by Teatro dei Gordi
Fuori gioco by Proxima Res
One woman cliché show by Ilenia Romano

21 July 2016
Idiota by Compagnia Dionisi / Renata Ciaravino
Clockwork Metaphysics by Coppelia Theatre
Angela By Bottega Lab

22 July 2016
Aestethica – esercizio 1 by Körper
Fàafafine. Mi chiamo Alex e sono un dinosauro by Giuliano Scarpinato
Perfetto indefinito by Dehors / Audela

York, TakeOver Festival, York Theatre Royal (United Kingdom)

12 July 2016
Ringside – Created and performed by Ellie Dubois
The Great Yorkshire Gob-Off – Hosted by Dave Jarman
12 – 13 July 2016
The Beggars of York – Produced by Tiny Window Theatre Company
13 July 2016
Dinosaur Park – Produced by Superbolt Theatre
14 July 2016
The Star Seekers – Produced by The Wardrobe Ensemble
Black – Produced by Le Gateau Chocolat
15 July 2016
Bucket List – Produced by Theatre Ad Infinitum
Memories of Coal – Directed by Charlotte Coles
Tell Me Anything – Produced by On The Run, with Show and Tell
16 July 2016
Boy Meets Girl – Produced by Zest Theatre, Saturday
The Girl Who Fell In Love With The Moon – Produced by The Human Zoo
Captured – Produced by White Slate Theatre Company
Pandora – Directed by Lizzy Whynes
17 July 2016
The Forgetting – Directed by Charlotte Coles
Workshop: Frantic Assembly – Produced by Frantic Assembly

 Sibiu, Sibiu International Thaetre Festival (Romania)
Where 15 active spectators chose these shows:

11June, 2016
Antigone, Genealogy of a Sacrifice – Directed by Bernardo Rey
The Pillowman – Directed by: Eugen Gyemant
13June, 2016 – two performances
The Green Cat – Directed by: Bobi Pricop
14-15 June, 2016
Hallo – A performance by Martin Zimmermann

LIFT Festival, London (UK)
A group of children from two schools in Tottenham are appointed the Official Festival Jury, and are chauffeured to and from festival shows to see the art, take notes, review, critique and vote. Subverting traditional jury structures, the children call the shots, and in their own Award Ceremony tell everybody what they think.

1 – 15 June 2016
The Children’s Choice Awards, Mammalian Diving Reflex

Tanec Praha (Czech Republic)
A group of 11 spectators watched videos and performances and discussed about them in regular meetings. There were 35 applications. At the end of the process spectators voted for the top three to be presented at the Czech Dance Platform 2016.

Wednesday 20 April and Thursday 21 April 2016
Trazmutation by Andrea Miltnerová & Jan Komárek
Friday 22 April 2016
Entropy by Jiří Bartovanec
Sunday 24 April 2016
Gossip by Lenka Vagnerová & Company

Queer Zagreb Festival, Domino (Croatia)

Friday 17 June 2016
Market of Love by Dragana Bulut
Saturday 18 June 2016
Quartet by Raimund Hoghe
The Battle of Neretva by Shadow Casters
Monday 20 June 2016
Lesser evil by BADco
Locomotor/Rainforest by Stephen Petronio
Saturday 5 and Sunday 6 November 2016
Between by Marie Béland
Monday 7 and Tuesday 8 November 2016
Mobile by Jorg Muller
Tuesday 8 November 2016
Intensities by Vesna Mačković

Show chosen by the active spectators of Bakelit Multi Art Center (Hungary)

Body Journal by Kinga Szemessy (HU)

TakeOver Festival, York Theatre Royal (UK)

TakeOver Festival is an annual festival run entirely by 12- to 26-year-olds who programme, prepare and produce a festival of theatre and events. In the last six years, more than 700 young people have been involved in running brilliant and well-received festivals. The shows chosen in 2015 were:

A Journey With Maude – An Interplay Theatre production
Monday 26 October – Sunday 1 November 2015

The Great Train Songery – Created by John Hinton
Monday 26 October – Wednesday 28 October 2015

Ghost Train – An immersive film screening
Monday 26 October 2015

TakeOver Shorts – Scratch night to decide TakeOver 2016 programme
Tuesday 27 October 2015

Phantasmagoria – A HookHitch Theatre production
Thursday 19 October – Saturday 31 October 2015

The Gentleman For Nowhere – A HookHitch Theatre production
Thursday 29 October – Saturday 31 October 2015

Coal in the Garden – Directed by the festival’s Artistic Director Lizzy Whynes
Saturday 24 October,  Sunday 25 October,  Tuesday 27 October,  Thursday 29 October,  Saturday 31 October,  Sunday 1 November 2015

Pigeon Party – A pop-up dance event
Saturday 24 October,  Monday 26 October,  Wednesday 28 October,  Friday 30 October 2015

Train-Spotting (Not the Film) – Spoken-word piece by Henry Raby
Wednesday 28 October and Saturday 31 October 2015

Of Time and the Railway – A film by Robert Davies
Saturday 24 October – Sunday 1 November 2015

Creation Stations (Story Station, Music Station, Shadow Station, Poetry Station, Art Station) – Areas for artists, performers and audience members to get creative
Saturday 24 October – Sunday 1 November 2015

Queer Zagreb Festival, Domino (Croatia)

In 2015, a group of young croatian spectators, discussed and selected 2 performances to be produced by Domino, with the goal of empowering minorities, in Croatia, to live without discrimination. One of the selected performances reflected about the inclusion of the gypsies minority, the other one included members of fan groups talking about homophobia and racism on the sports field. The performances were realized in the main square of Zagreb.

Croatian gypsies, Siniše Labrovića – performance

Football Fans, Bruno Isakovic – performance

Saturday 27th October 2015

> gallery

Horizont očekivanja, Martina Nevistić

DNO (series of performances and workshops)

Selezione Visionari, Sansepolcro, Kilowatt Festival (Italy)

In 2015 the Visionari group was composed by 24 active spectators (different ages and professions). Among 232 proposals, arrived from emerging professional companies, the Visionari chose a total of 9 shows for the Kilowatt Festival 2015. These shows were:

Out, Unterwasser – theatre
L’età proibita. Marguerite Duras, ATIR / Maria Pilar Peréz Aspa – theatre
Banane, Teatrodilina – theatre
Saturday 25 July 2015

Ad alta tensione, Cappellani-Di Rienzo-Fiorelli – dance
Alluvioni, Elena Guerrini – theatre
Su’ddocu, Blitz – theatre
Friday 24 July 2015

Zero (work in progress), Cuenca/Lauro – dance
L’insonne, Lab121 – theatre
Io muoio, tu mangi, – theatre
Thursday 23 July 2015

Tanec Praha (Czech Republic)

A group of 10 spectators watched videos and performances and discuss about them in several meetings. At the end they voted for the top 3 which were presented during the Tanec Festival 2015

Bakkeia Peter Šavel
Wednesday 18 November 2015

M.E.N Edhem Jesenkovic
Tuesday 15 September 2015

SuperNaturals ME-SA/ Martina Hajdyla Lacová, Stano Dobák:
Saturday 20 June 2015



The research will focus on the concept of active spectatorship, investigating the multiple impacts stemming from the participative methodologies used. The 4 years length of the project allows to develop and implement a multidimensional evaluative approach, mainly qualitative. Its aim will be to assess how and to what extent active spectatorship has an impact, in terms of stimulating audience development and diversification, improving the relationship quality, reinforcing audience’s commitment to the organizations and enhancing its capacities to understand the creative process. The research project will also analyze how active spectatorship modifies and affects the modus operandi of the professionals during their artistic creation and how it can influence the programming of artistic organizations.

The Audience Agency
Audience Finder


Be SpectACTive! International Conferences:
Each year is held at least a public international conference in which are presented the results of the activities. International experts are invited. The methodology applied by the researchers is disseminated and new organisations, wishing to improve their strategies of active spectatorship, take part in the discussion.

UPCOMING: 2018 – York

12-13.06. 2017 “Be SpectACTive! Fourth International Conference organized by Be SpectACTive at the Sibiu Performing Arts Market, Sibiu, Romania
see the programme

22-23.11. 2016 “Be SpectACTive! Third International conference”, organized by Be SpectACTive! and University of Barcelona, Barcelona (Spain)
see the programme

18.04.2016 BeSpectACTive! conference at European Culture Forum 2016, Brussels (Belgium)

“Audience Development: engagement is key, but where are the doors? – Challenges, dreams and limits in activating people in cultural participation”
see the programme

The event will be a unique opportunity to share results, suggestions and challenges in audience development; an opportunity to meet professionals, practitioners and cultural organizations in order to discuss the ways in which a more participatory approach from the public may enrich performing arts and their programming all over Europe.

21-22.07.2015 “Be SpectACTive! 1st International Conference”, organized by Be SpectACTive! and Kilowatt Festival, in Sansepolcro (Italy)
see the programme



15 – 21 April 2018 Budapest, Bakelit Multi Art Center
9 – 14 April 2018 London, LIFT

23 – 30 June 2018 Zagreb, Domino
16 – 25 April 2018 Sibiu, Radu Stanca National Theatre
12 – 16 February 2018 Sansepolcro, Kilowatt Festival

30 September – 13 October 2018 Zagreb, Domino
27 August – 9 September 2018 London, LIFT
25 June – 8 July 2018 Sibiu, Radu Stanca National Theatre

October 2018 York, York Theatre Royal
4 – 14 July 2018 Sansepolcro, Kilowatt Festival
4 – 10 April 2018 Budapest, Bakelit Multi Art Center

4 – 10 June 2018 London, LIFT
6 – 18 May 2018 Sansepolcro, Kilowatt Festival
6 – 15 April 2018 Prague, Tanec Praha
15 – 23 February 2018 London, LIFT

13 – 19 November 2017 Sansepolcro, Teatro della Misericordia
23 – 29 0ctober 2017 Prague, Tanec Praha

21 October – 30 November 2017 Sibiu, Radu Stanca National Theatre
10 – 20 October 2017 Zagreb, Domino

18 December 2017 – 16 January 2018 Prague, Tanec Praha
5 – 14 September 2017 Sibiu, Radu Stanca National Theatre
25 – 30 July 2017 London, LIFT

5 – 15 July 2017 Sansepolcro, Kilowatt Festival
21 May – 1 June 2017 Budapest, Bakelit Multi Art Center
2 – 6 May 2017 York, York Theatre Royal

19 – 25 June 2017 Zagreb, Domino
5 – 12 December 2016 York, York Theatre Royal

20 – 26 November 2016 Zagreb, Domino
5 – 13 November 2016 Sansepolcro, Teatro della Misericordia

6 – 13 November 2016 Zagreb, Domino
12 – 19 September 2016 Prague, Ponec Theatre

3 – 13 November 2016 Budapest, Bakelit Multi Art Center
4 – 10 October 2016 London, LIFT
17 – 24 July 2016 Sansepolcro, Teatro della Misericordia

9 – 20 November 2016 Budapest, Bakelit Multi Art Center
23 October – 2 November 2016 York, York Theatre Royal
7 – 17 June 2016 Zagreb, Domino

6 – 21 March 2016 Ljubljana, Plesni Theater
7 – 22 February 2016 Budapest, Bakelit Multi Art Center
4 – 15 January 2016 Prague, Divadlo Ponec

9 – 16 February 2016 Ljubljana, Plesni Theatre
17 – 27 January 2016 York, York Theatre Royal

2 – 15 December 2015 Sibiu, Teatrul National Radu Stanca
20 November – 1 December 2015 Pargue, Divadlo Ponec
6 – 18 November 2015 Ljubljana, Plesni Theatre

5 – 23 January 2016, Sibiu, Teatrul National Radu Stanca
4 – 13 November 2015 Sansepolcro, Teatro alla Misericordia
1 – 10 September 2015 York, York Theatre Royal

11 – 17 July 2015, Divadlo PONEC, Prague
5 – 10 July 2015 London, LIFT
25 – 29 May 2015 London, LIFT

10 – 20 July 2015 Sansepolcro, Teatro alla Misericordia
15 – 29 June 2015 Zagreb, Domino
10 – 23 May 2015 Budapest, Bakelit Multi Art Center

6 -11 April 2015 Sansepolcro, Teatro alla Misericordia
29 March – 4 April 2015 Sibiu, Teatrul National Radu Stanca

4 June 2018, TANEC PRAHA Festival, DOX, Centre for Contemporary Art

18 November 2017, Sansepolcro, Teatro della Misericordia

21 and 22 July 2017, York, York Theatre Royal
15 July 2017, Sansepolcro, Kilowatt Festival

22 July 2017, Sansepolcro, Kilowatt Festival
7 and 8 July 2017, Santarcangelo di Romagna, Santarcangelo Festival
31 March and 1 April 2017, Hamburg, Kampnagel

20 December 2016, Prague, Ponec Theatre

19 September 2016, Prague, Ponec Theatre

3 – 6, 9 – 11 October 2018, Liege (BE)
26 – 27 May 2018, Maubeuge (FR)
18 – 19 October 2017, Modena, Vie Festival
10 – 12 November 2016, Budapest, Bakelit Multi Art Center
11, 12 October 2016, London, LIFT
20, 21 and 22 July 2016, Sansepolcro, Kilowatt Festival

2-6 May 2018, Rome, Teatro India
19 November 2016, Budapest, Bakelit Multi Art Center
1 November 2016, York, York Theatre Royal

4 April 2017, Prague, Divadlo Ponec
19 April 2016, Prague, Divadlo Ponec
20 March 2016, Ljubljana, Dance Theatre

31 may, 1 and 2 June 2016, Wien, Wiener Festwochen
26 January 2016, Sibiu, Teatrul National Radu Stanca

15 December 2015, Sibiu, Teatrul National Radu Stanca

6 March 2017, Tanec Praha
29 September 2016, New York
February 2016, Zagreb
16 and 17 December 2015, Museum of contemporary arts, Zagreb
19 July 2015, Sansepolcro, Kilowatt Festival

6 March 2017, Prague, Tanec Praha
21 September 2015, Ljubljana, Dance Theatre
16 September 2015, Prague, Divadlo Ponec
19 July 2015, Sansepolcro, Kilowatt Festival
20 June 2015, Sibiu, Festivalul International de Teatru de la Sibiu,

News and other events on active spectatorship and audience engagement:

14.04.2018 Luca Ricci introduces Be SpectACTive! at the seminar organized by Hystrio at Piccolo Teatro, in Milan (IT).

21.03.2018 Luca Ricci introduces Be SpectACTive! at the Festival Metamorfosi in Siena (IT).

28.11.2017 Giuliana Ciancio introduces Be SpectACTive! at the International Conference on “Politics of Theatre: Current and Future Transnational Strategies for Building and Improving the theatrical Experience”, at the University of Milan (IT).

23.11.2017 Gianluca Cheli introduces the experience of Kilowatt Festival at the International Conference on “Participatory Governance in Culture: Exploring practices, theories and policies. Do it together”, in Rijeka (HR).

21.10.2017 Luca Kövécs introduces Bakelit Multi Art Center and Be SpectACTive at the Trans Europe Halles Meeting 84 in Kyiv, Ukraine.

12.10.2017 Luca Ricci introduces the BeSpectACTive project at the cultural conference on “The key to raising attention – challenges and perspectives of audience development”. The conference is at Kodály Conference Center in Pécs (HU).

09.10.2017 Luca Ricci gives a masterclass in Alcobaça (Portugal), during a training session on Cultural Mediation organized by Artemrede

07.04.2017 Giuliana Ciancio introduces Be SpectACTive! at the Residency of Mayor of Prague City during the opening day of Czech Dance Platform (Czech Republic)

16.12.2016 Luisella Carnelli and Luca Ricci lectures at “Dialoghi sulla Cultura 2016”, organized by tsm-Trentino School of Management and University of Trento (Italy)

21.10.2016 Luca Ricci attended the “Spectator Festival”, organized by Rete Teatrale Aretina, Arezzo (Italy)

18.04.2016 Be SpectACTive! conference at European Culture Forum, KVS, Brussels (Belgium): “Audience Development: engagement is key, but where are the doors? – Challenges, dreams and limits in activating people in cultural participation”

06.04.2016 Luca Ricci interventions at “Target Audience”, organized by Creative Europe Desk Estonia, in Tallinn

31.03 – 03. 04 2016 Yvona Kreuzmannovà and Lluis Bonet interventions at Edn Conference: “How to make dance relevant? Examples and practice”, Olot (Spain)

11.01.2016 Fondazione Fitzcarraldo together with Culture Action Europe (Belgium), ECCOM Progetti srl (Rome), Intercult Productions Ek. For. (Sweden) won the call for tender “Study on audience development – How to place audiences at the centre of cultural organizations”

18 – 22.11.2015 Giuliana Ciancio lecture at “Lezione Non Riservate” organized by Non Riservato, Milano (Italy)

19.11.2015 Luca Ricci and Luisella Carnelli interventions at “Pensieri dal vivo”, organized by Concetrica Festival, Torino (Italy)

08.10.2015 Alessandro Bollo and Luca Ricci interventions at “Audience Engagement: dalle parole ai fatti”, organized by Fattidicultura, in Mantova (Italy)

24-25.09.2015 Giuliana Ciancio intervention at “Research for Audience Engagement”, organized by Theatron, in Uppsala (Sweden)

21.09.2015 Žaneta Statevska conducting “Be SpectACTive! Predstavitev evropskega projekta, poprtega s strain Evropske komisije za obdobje 2014-2018”, organized by B-51, in Ljubljana (Slovenia)

16.07.2015 Giuliana Ciancio intervention at “Creative Europe: Audience Development”, organized by Fondazione CRT, in Torino (Italy)

25.04.2015 Luca Ricci intervention at “IETM Showroom”, organized by IETM, in Bergamo (Italy)

24.04.2015 Luca Ricci intervention at “Reconnecting with the audience part One”, organized by IETM, in Bergamo (Italy)