Instagram series

Every year Be SpectACTive! launches a European call for an Instagram Influencer who travels around Europe for visiting the artistic partners venues, to tell the project activities through Instagram post and stories.


The Instagram Influencer is Zombijana Bones born as Andrijana Vesovic.

Zombijana Bones was born as Andrijana Vesovic on December 31st 1991 in Podgorica, Montenegro and from the very beginning she was kicking some ass. Despite other artists, she wasn’t born artist. During her whole elementary school, she wanted to become a journalist, and thanks to that unfulfilled wish she is now good at creative writing. Even though she wanted to become a journalist, she kept developing her creative side through drawing, jewelry and figurines making, and was a complete weirdo, but still kicking ass.

She spent a year at the art school “Art center” in order to specialize her drawing technique starting from the basics. ( Started from the bottom, now we’re here).

So one day, she was sitting by the sea side, looking at the most incredible sunset and thinking ‘DAYUM, I need a diploma!’. That is what made her pass the entrance exam for the university Mediteran in Podgorica, Montenegro, with a major in visual arts, and what kept her going. Due to her talent, hard work and dedication, she graduated with a degree just below 10. Kicking ass. 

At the senior year (2012), she decides to create something to allure the public attention and the project Zombijana draws twitter began. Having finished the project (two seasons) which lasted for two years, she has gathered a significant number of fans, 80.000 people, to be exact, and that’s only on Facebook. In addition, she had 17 exhibitions in Serbia and the neighbor countries and created over 600 illustrations only in that one project.

Andrijana or Zombijana, whatever you like more, is making her living out of illustrations until this present day. And kicking ass, of course. She likes to travel, concerts, being vegan but not telling everyone about it, watermelon and singing Avril Lavigne karaoke when nobody’s home (she wants to go homeeee, but nobody’s homee…get it….because Avril has that one song…never mind, I’m sorry).

 For now, Andrijana is enjoying her life, but also planing her next move so she could rule the world, since she is evil and kicking ass. Even though she’s a hard worker, she still manages to have a rich social life. Her plan for the future is to be happy.