European Art Commissioners 2019 – ICARUS

Two European cities, two artistic venues, two communities work together to commission an art work. The partners involved this year are Tanec Praha, in Prague (CZ), and Festival Divadelná Nitra, in Nitra (SK).


A dance performance facing themes as borders and freedom. The production, led by the international creative trio Marie Goudain (France), Jaro Viňarský (Slovakia) and Václav Kalivoda (Czech Republic) in collaboration with the festival TANEC PRAHA and the J. Rosinský Elementary Art School in Nitra, has been emerging for over a year. The cast and co-authors are teenagers from Nitra and Prague who attended creative workshops in the two cities, along with lectures on contemporary dance, and the very process of creation and rehearsals. The young performers, in conjunction with the three professional artists, share with the audience the imprint the current era and the approaching adulthood has left upon them.

Working with teens and the artist Marie Gourdain.

The steps of this process:

June 2019: Teens from Nitra came to Prague for festival Tanec Praha

September 2019: Teens from Prague travelled to Nitra for festival Divadelná Nitra

November 2019: Skype call Prague-Nitra, meeting and workshop with Marie Gourdain. European Spectators Day 2019 dedicated to the topic of Freedom.

March – September 2020 – work online and creative residencies
20th – 26th September – Divadelná Nitra
26th September2020 – prèmiere at the International Theatre Festival Divadelná Nitra
October – December – feedback and reflection of the creation
2021 – Czech premiere – festival Czech dance platform and TANEC PRAHA