Active Spectators

Be SpectACTive! improves its participatory way of programming, starting from the creation of about 50 new local groups of active spectators with more than 1.500 active participants in 4 years (including the new groups created by the associated partners). The local groups work all year long to select part of the artistic programming of the different theatre/festival involved in the network. All around Europe people are empowered, their opinions taken into account, their suggestions carefully followed. The result is an average of 4 shows for more than 350 shows selected by the active spectators in 4 years.

The activity of co-programming, in some pilot venues, will be also extended to a proper process of co-managing in which the general management of a festival or a theatre season, can be shadowed by active spectators. The main aim is to experiment new forms of democratic engagement at different organizational levels.