Food for Thought

The coronavirus emergency is revolutionizing our lives. This suspended time invites us to reflect on new format of work, creation and fruition of the arts. The live show is not replaceable but the time is ripe to experiment, to find new ways, thanks to the tools offered by the virtual agorà. In addition to pointing out the activities and good practices developed inside Be SpectACTive!, we inaugurate Food for Thought: a section dedicated to reflections, new ideas, practices coming from other institutions and cultural organisations. A way to broaden our gaze, to network and dialogue on the present and future that we will build.

Scenes for survival – The National Theatre of Scotland

Engine Room, the programme of opportunities for artists will be repositioned as a digital offering with consideration to what will be most useful to artists in this new context.

The Coming Back Out Ball’s monthly LGBTI+ Elders Social Dance Clubs, now continuing as an online dance club. Free for all LGBTI+ elders and allies, allowing members to be able to join in, dance and continue to enjoy the positive community and friendships that have already been created through the clubs.

Homemakers, in Manchester, is a series of new commissions inviting theatre and live art makers to create new works at home, for an audience who are also at home. An offer to groundbreaking artists to challenge the definition of “live theatre”.

State of the Arts (SOTA) is an open platform to reimagine the conditions that shape the art world today. SOS RELIEF is an online tool that facilitates person-to-person financial solidarity. The tool connects people with financial stability to people faced with  precarity as a result of the COVID-19 crisis in Belgium.

Algoritmi is a new project where experimental music, live coding and immersive experience create a new cutting edge and innovative language between clubbing and contemporary art, focusing on coding and on its artistic and educational applications. More than 40 artists, two months of live performance events featuring artists from all over the world, the opening of a virtual club, a virtual cultural hub and a museum.

NOW / EVERYWHERE, the online programming by the italian Associazione Marchigiana Attività Teatrali (AMAT). Theatre, music and dance shows available online or by phone.

Creatives Unite, the new online platform launched by Creative Europe for ?? cultural & creative industries affected by Covid19. A space created by and for the sector, allowing its professionals to discuss, share resources & co-create innovative solutions.


Online Activities

The Kreisky Test: Nesterval’s first online production – immersive, interactive, live. A co-production by the artistic collective Nesterval, brut wien and Be SpectACTive!

Ponec on-line to bring dance at home! Recordings of successful performances, live streaming and the lessons of contemporary dance prepared by the artists from Ponec Theatre.

The cultural Association Artemrede celebrates the fifteenth birthday sharing documentaries from past projects.

Sibiu International Theatre Festival stays with the audience with an #online special edition themed “Empowered”.


The Italian cultural Associations CapoTrave / Kilowatt and Armunia launch a call to select 2 creative projects of digital artistic residencies. – expired