The Kreisky Test

Dates: April: 15th, 17th, 18th, 19th, 21st, 24th (in German) 26th, 27th 28th (in English),  3:30pm, 5:15pm, 7:15pm, 9pm

Dates: May: 4th, 5th, 7th, 8th, 11th, 12th at 6:00pm, 8:30pm



The transformation of a theatre project into a live-participatory-virtual performance (as reaction of the current Covid-19 crisis)

A co-production by Nesterval, brut Wien and Be SpectACTive!

World Premiere in German and English

The Viennese artist collective Nesterval adapted their performance The Kreisky Test in the light of the current situation in Austria, Europe and the world. The premiere will be in German and English, respectively the 15th and the 26th of April. With the help of digital media (Zoom) Nesterval shifted the play from the theater space into the web: the audience will take part in “The Kreisky Test” from their homes and meet the actors in virtual chat rooms. In the past months the company has conducted their creative residencies at the Café de las Artes Teatro in Santander (ES), CapoTrave/Kilowatt Cultural Association in Sansepolcro (IT), SKCNS Student Studentski Kulturni Centar of Novi Sad (RS), brut in Wien (AT): 4 cultural organizations that are partners of the European project Be SpectACTive! which co-produces the performance. Now the actors are developing their characters apart from each other, in their own flats, rehearsing together every day by video chat tools.

The plot of the interactive show fits frighteningly to the circumstances after adding a virus to the story. It all starts with Jonas Nesterval looking for his mother Gertrud: she abandoned her family when he was four years old, but the father never mentioned her, and neither do the archives or the party. Then, one day, some material acquired by Gertrud during her travels in Europe surfaces: interviews and film footage showing activists from Serbia, Spain, and Italy. Jonas is convinced that his mother was at the centre of Austria’s history, working on a revolutionary project. Finally, the heart of her work appears: the so-called Kreisky test. And then happens what nobody expected: a virus keeps humankind at bay, convincing Jonas that The Kreisky test must be completed. The participants should help him to put a group of selected people through the final test phase.

World premiere in German and English, respectively the 15th and the 26th of April, for a total of 9 days of show; four performances a day, each for 16 people. . The tickets of the online show were put on sale to give a signal of solidarity and because work was rightly paid:  in this moment it is important to find solutions that allow artists to react to the realities (and consequences) of this situation by virtue of their work. The tickets for all German performances were sold out in one day. The audience payed the regular ticket price (18 and 23 Euro). In addition to the regular tickets the audience had the chance to purchase more expensive solidarity tickets (39 Euro). An impressive number of buyers used this opportunity to show their support. There were 113 solidarity tickets sold so far which is more than 25 % of the sold tickets.

Nesterval is an Austrian artist collective based in Vienna, the cast includes performers, drag artists, amateur and professional actors, who outline the history of the Nesterval family in various constellations. In a mix of classic gaming and immersive theatre, Herr Finnland and his team create performance adventures that turn their participants into actors in the play, authorised to determine what happens next. “The Village” (2018), Nesterval’s co-production with brut, was nominated for the 2019 Nestroy Special Award.


How to join a performance of “The Kreisky Test”:

Purchase a ticket and register for the performance on

The use of the free video conference app Zoom is a prerequisite for being able to take part in “The Kreisky Test”. A computer or laptop with a camera and microphone is required.

Download: Zoom

Instructions: Video


Directed by Herr Finnland Written by Frau Löfberg Film Lorenz Tröbinger Costumes Andy Reiter Production Management Pamina Pröglhöf Production Willy Mutzenpachner

Cast Rita Brandneulinger, Gisa Fellerer, Julia Fuchs, Bernhard Hablé, Laura Hermann, Romy Hrubeš, Niklas-Sven Kerck, Lu Ki, Astôn Matters, Willy Mutzenpachner, Pamina Puls, Andy Reiter, Johannes Scheutz, Claudia Six, Alexandra Thompson, Lorenz Troebinger, Gankerl Walanka, Christopher Wurmdobler

Translator/Research Assistant, Serbia Marina Paspalj Translator/Research Assistant, Italy Michaela Schmidlechner Translator/Research Assistant, Spain Cuqui Espinzoa

A co-production by Nesterval, brut Wien and Be SpectACTive!