Publication – Cultural Policies in Europe: a Participatory Turn?

At first glance, participation appears to be a constant goal throughout the history of cultural policies, adapting itself to very diverse configurations in time and space. However, some see it as a lever for social and cultural innovation that marks a breakthrough in several areas of public policy. This book brings together some of Europe’s leading specialists in this field and seeks to clarify the meaning, potentialities and limits of the participatory experience in cultural policies. It explores the transformative potential of participation and its relations with several issues faced by democracies. It also examines the role played by participation in responding to social, territorial, and intercultural challenges. Finally, it offers a preliminary analysis of the impact of the Covid-19 health crisis on the cultural field, specifically through the lens of participatory issues. In doing so, this book incorporates both theoretical reflections and empirical research results in Europe.

Edited by Félix Dupin-Meynard and Emmanuel Négrier, in coordination with Lluís Bonet, Giada Calvano, Luisella Carnelli and Elettra Zuliani.
With the contributions of Franco Bianchini, Giuliana Ciancio, Jean-Damien Collin, Pedro Costa, Luca Dal Pozzolo, Milena Dragićević Šešić, Pascal Gielen, François Matarasso, Hanka Otte, Niels Righolt, Sandrine Teixido, Anna Villarroya, Loup Wolff, Mariano Martín Zamorano.
Published by Les éditions de l’Attribut and Occitanie En Scène,
In partnership with CEPEL, Université de Montpellier, Universistat de Barcelona, Creative Europe, BeSpectACTive!, Fondazione Fitzcarraldo, Ministère de la Culture.

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