An unofficial map showing other routes: this is “The Other Map”, a theatre research and development project focused on the production of a participatory performance, using a “tourist tour” format. New maps will be created, based on memories and stories that belong to people in different cities. This work is realized by Marc Rodrigo – creator and sole member of Colectivo Ameno – and María Stonayova, artist and theatre director.

Artistic residencies:

Zagreb (June 2019), at Domino

Toulouse (July 2019) at Occitanie en Scène

Ljubljana (August 2019) at Plesni Teater

Santander (October 2019) at Café de las Artes Teatro – premiere: 18 October 2019

The Artists

Marc Rodrigo is the creator and sole member of Colectivo Ameno. He graduated in Philosophy and later became interested in the world of clown. He has created several short pieces, the show Filosofía Amena, and has presented many events. In July 2018 he presented the performance Saunterer (co-created and directed by Maria Stoyanova), based on walking as an act of resistance, at the Grec Festival in Barcelona. It has also been shown at Fira Tàrrega and Escena Poblenou. Currently, he also collaborates with the poet Danilo Facelli and Diana Gadish, making the music for their street show Handle with Care, which they have taken to different festivals in several countries (Denmark, Slovenia, Belgium, Northern Ireland…).

María Stoyanova is a multidisciplinary artist and theatre director. She works in the fields of New Dramaturgies, New Stage Languages and Performance Art. Her creations are based on autobiographical material and personal interests. For years her theatre research has focused on the relationship and experimentation with time, space and the audience. She has created her own solo productions: Gitana en Barcelona, Madam(s) Butterfl(ys), Sade was Myself, Chekhov’s Landscapes, Occupy a Square Metre, among others, and at the same time collaborates and works with national and international artists: Colectivo Ameno (Barcelona), Ada Vilaró (Barcelona), Sienta la cabeza (Brazil-Barcelona), Eva Balzer (Berlin), Cantabile2 (Denmark) among others.


The Other Map is a small production of the Be SpectACTive! project.


Cities of residency: