Blue is the colour is a performance where the overriding principle is the overlap of images, text and movement, conceived and directed by Petra Fornayová.

The work faces the topic of the ecological changes and the degree to which we shall be willing to follow the moral dictum and/or what we will come to consider being the moral dictum, what will be our limits and what types of limits we will set to ourselves (I/the nation, life/survival/death, help/self-sacrifice). Through concrete stories and characters based on real people, the project intends to raise questions about what will convince our spoiled civilisation (essentially the Euro-American space) to change the set discourse. Will it be private strategies or global political solutions?  

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The Artists

Petra Fornayová is involved in contemporary art and theatre. She is author of a number of prerformances (featured at Divadelná Nitra, New Drama, Jamais Vu!Paris, Dance Prague, Ars Cameralis Katowice, Opera Nova Prague etc.). The Dance with Changing Parts made together with  the Clustre Ensemble was nominated for the 2018 Tatrabanka Foundation Award. As dramaturge she participated in the projects DanceLabA3 and Korrespondance, supported by Creative Europe.  She is the founder of the festival of contemporary art Nu Dance Fest, member of editorial board of the VLNA magazine. Ms Fornayová was nominated for the 2018 National Film Award Sun in the Net (Nina, dir. J. Lehotský).   

Vlado Zboroň was with the – by now – iconic theatre Stoka as actor and co-author. He collaborates with the Association for Contemporary Opera, he was guest performer in performances by the Disk theatre in Trnava, as co-author he participated, inter alia, in Project J 10 (Central Europe Loves You).  He works for the SkRAT theatre and has played in a number of films (Le Temps du loup / Wolfzeit / Čas vlkov, dir. M. Haneke, Deti / Kids, dir. Jaro Vojtek etc.)

Anna Čonková is BBD member. She studied at the Academy of Performing Arts in Prague (Dept. of Puppetry and Alternative Theatre). She performed with the City Theatre Žilina, S.T.O.K.A., Skrat, HaDivadlo, A studio Rubín, Pôtoň, DAB, Buranteatr, Cluster Ensemble etc.. Awards: LF Award for the character Christine (Modrofúz / Bluebird, City Theatre Žilina, nomination for the DOSKY Award – Discovery of the Year Dosky a LF Award for the character of Jana (Na slepačích krídlach /On Chicken Wings, BBD).

Adam Hanuljak studied documentary film directing at the Academy of Performing Arts in Bratislava and comparative religious studies at the Comenius University in Bratislava. His documentaries focus on social minorities and art, he also creates stage projections and gives in film workshops for children, youth, the elderly and minorities. He is the founding member of Films: Prípad Kalmus / Crazy Against Nation (2018 Cinematic Grand Prix), 10 rokov lásky / 10 Years of Love etc..

Fero Király studied piano at the Academy of Performing Arts in Bratislava. He is involved in music projects that intertwine with performance, sound art and installations. He is author of the instrument Zvukodrom / Sound-drome designed for children and music teachers, and of the collection Botanical Garden with music and sound plays for children. Apart from his home project Cluster Ensemble, Mr Király collaborates with VENI, Dirt ensemble, Urban H. etc..  

Jakub Pišek graduated from the Studio of New Media at the technical University in Košice, where he studied under Anny Tretter (DE). In his work he uses technology as the carrier as well as object of his interest. He also works in the fields of video, computer graphics, interactivity and music.

Blue is the colour is a medium scale production of the Be SpectACTive! project.


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