Body of Knowledge is a creative collaboration between a group of teenagers and a team of artists, initiated and directed by theatre-maker Samara Hersch. The project explores how to have complex conversations about sex, the body and the world in ways that are empowering, driven by real curiosity, including questions of boundaries, shame, healing, consent, pleasure, ageing.  


Artistic Residencies:

Wien (June 2019) at brut

Kortrijk (September 2019) at BUDA

Sansepolcro (November – December 2019) at Kilowatt

Budapest (December 2019) at Bakelit Multi Art Center

Kortrijk (February 2020) at BUDA


The Artist

Samara Hersch is a theatre-maker from Melbourne, whose practice explores the intersection of contemporary performance and community engagement. She recently completed her Masters at Das Theatre in Amsterdam.  Samara often works with both professional and non- professionally trained performers as a way of opening up new conversations, methodologies and unlikely, intimate encounters. She has a curiosity about voice, sound and the ethics and potentialities of creating space for diverse perspectives to be heard. Previously, Samara has worked with a range of theatre companies in Australia including Back to Back Theatre, Chamber Made, Malthouse and Arts House.

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Cities of residency: