by SašaKraga, Vojvodjanski tamburaški orkestar

Communication through time. Since the beginning people were moving from one place to another, searching for the ideal place where they can live. Through these migrations, what happens with the clash of cultures and different languages?

The artistic research would start from the 19th century with the first Serb migration to Hungary fleeing under the repression of Turks where cultures and languages stayed always connected in the northern part of Serbia called Vojvodina. On the other hand Serbian language belongs to the same language group as Czech and yet they find it complicated to communicate with each other. The aim in the performance is to connect with all of four cultures which are Serbian, Hungarian, Czech and French to embody the beauty of differences through the time of various types of communication from 19th century till digital era in which we are living now. Interweaving of the past and present through the lens of music and movement from traditional to contemporary.

Performance will consist from several choreographic parts combined with the mixture of electronic music, consisting in 21st century and traditional music which is typical for those local communities in Budapest, Prague, Montpellier and Novi Sad. Music will be manipulated by the audience in the sense that they will be able to choose combination of these patterns in order to create the whole performance. In that way every performance will be unique being intervened by diverse audience. Peace will be accompanied with video installation of videos and photos of all the workshop and interview material that we gathered from the people from the local communities. Every experience from the residencies and performances will be documented end used as a part of the VR animated reality so audience will be able to see all footages and experience from the performances in the other cities.

The Artists

Ljubomir Nikolić

The composer identifies cultural heritage as an inexhaustible source of material for reinterpretation at the present time. Communication and interaction, as two important elements that the composer relies upon in his work, are especially reflected in his efforts and work on a relatively new ‘artistic form’ – the theatrical adventure game – as part of an EU project titled Journey to the Beginnings. It is an interactive installation – game – exhibited in museums in Hungary, Serbia, Croatia, and Romania, thanks to a collaboration involving archaeologists (University of Southampton), music archaeologists (Vienna), artistes (Budapest), and IT experts (Zagreb), culminating in a unique AR/VR exhibit, performance, and piece of music. Nikolić’s symphonic work Musica Assoluta (2017) opened the musical segment of the 37thNOMUS festival. Arche, a piece for flute, was performed in Ljubljana (Slovenia) and Trieste (Italy) by Marija Pilipović. Works by Nikolić have also been performed in Europe and America.

Saša Krga

Dancer in ballet of Serbian National Theatre in the period of 11 years, after which he went into the world of free artists from the desire for new knowledge of the world movement. As a choreographer and teacher He started to work since 2000. He worked as a choreographer in dance schools in Serbia, Montenegro and BIH (Bosnia and Hercegovina). the choreography which students dance receive awards in the country and abroad. He decided for a modern ballet in which he weaved their dance experience and experience of working with actors dancers, jugglers and other artists as well as experience with the MAPA Academy (Mouving Academy for Performing Arts in Amsterdam), which ended the year 2010. Performances of contemporary ballet to highlight where He dance – The Outer and inner circles by Jens Van Dale – Netherlands. The Divine Comedy SNP (Serbian National Theater Novi Sad)choreographer Staša Zurovac. He dance role of the Witch in the opera Macbeth SNP choreographed by Andrew Peter Geenwod. A Midsummer Night SNP Choreographed By Bojana Mladenovic, directed by Kokan Mladenovic. The Story of the soul and body of the SNP in his own choreography on motives of short story by Milorad Pavid. Awakening Queen Konsivaldine -Arma Theatre of Israel. He has hold dance workshops in Serbia, Greece, Bosnia, Croatia, Italy, Bulgaria and Germany.

Sonja Stojanovid

Contemporary dancer and freelance artist. She finished ballet highschool on a department for classical ballet and currently having BA studies in contemporary dance on Belgrade dance institute. Worked on several EU projects and one of them is production “Someone from home” by artistic director of Silkfluegge dance company, Silke Grabinger on the topic of Danube Germans and belonging to Europe. She also worked with one of the eminent choreographers Jakopo Godani on the reopening of the Museum of contemporary art in Belgrade. Collaborated and worked for several years with Saša Krga and Ljubomir Nikolid on different performances and projects. Aside dancing she is interested in visual arts as well as learning different languages and youth work which she always combine and interpret through dance.


Cities of residency:
Novi Sad