by Alexandra Badea

Company: Radu Stanca National Theatre

A performance on the form of a travel across Europe, a travel which permits to the character to find a beginning of answers at her questions. A travel as the travel from Lars von Trier’s movie Europa, that offers the possibility to mix exterior perception to an inner reality increased by the confrontation of different points of view. How can we imagine another Europe without knowing our recent History, so different from a country to another, our socials topics which divide our societies, our various way to protest, resist and build new utopias? 

The character is a young girl, leaving Romania after a big emotional trauma. Her boyfriend has died in Bucharest and she is leaving the country because she can’t live anymore in this place and she goes searching for another place where she could leave and work. During her travel in different European countries she will meet other people who have lived similar stories and traumas and have found the strength to build other ways of living, acting and protesting. Is this travel going to change something in her perspective? Will she settle down in one of the countries discovered or will she go back to Romania to act in another way and try to change something from her point of view?

The Artists

Alexandra Badea, is a writer, theatre director and filmmaker. Although Romanian born, she has been living and working in France since 2003 and, consequently, writes in French and Romanian. She’s had twenty plays and two novel published with Arche Editeur Publisher and translated into several European languages. Her plays have been produced in National Theatres in France and across Europe and a few have even been adapted for the radio. She’s had a number of international collaborations. As a director she’s staged a number of performances in theatres in both France and Romania and directed two short films. Alexandra has had several residencies in Japan, Congo, Russia, Germany, Canada, Unites States and been awarded several grants for writing by the Theatre National Center, the Book National Center, the Ministry of Culture or the Region Ile de France. Her work is focused on political and social topics, based on actual issues and also on the consequences of Europe’s recent past (colonization and post-colonization, dictatorships, massacres). From 2017 she is associated artist at the National Theatre La Colline from Paris and her last performance “Points of no return” was created last year at the International festival of Avignon.

Cities of residency: