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Every year Be SpectACTive! organizes a meeting among local audiences and curators across Europe to discuss about theatre and their esperience as active spectators, to exchange impressions and artistic results of their own work. Join us to the “European Spectators Day”!

The date is the 19th of November 2016, in the cities of the Be SpectACTive! Network: Budapest, London, Praha, Sansepolcro, Sibiu, York, Zagreb. Three other organizations will take part in this edition of the European Spectators Day: La Briqueterie – CDC du Val-de-Marne in France and two european projects, Le Pivot Dance and The Theatron Network.

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Tell us your theatre and dance experiences: what are your favorite moments about visiting a theatre? Do you have a favourite space in the theatre (anywhere, including front of house/ in the auditorium)? Do you have any special rituals when you go?

What kind of theatrical experience/show would you choose for a date?

Let’s dream: If you could run your local theatre for one day, what would you do?

Europe is facing many challenges: economic difficulties, the ongoing migrant and refugee flows, Brexit, the terrorism threat...what do you think the role of cultural experiences and the performing arts is within this landscape? What’s the potential social impact of being engaged in the arts?