BeLive is a real time developing study about religion and religious belief at the beginning of the 21st century in Eastern and Western Europe. It combines  arts (theatre, video-art, music, fine arts, literature, performance) with science – social science (Psychology, Sociology, Theology, History), life science (Medicine, Biochemistry), physical science (Physics, Chemistry), formal science (Mathematics, Logic). The structure is flexible and the show will be open: actors, spectators and experts (sociologists, philosophers, psychologists, physicians etc) will discuss about the subject of religion today. Heart-beats and the brain activity of people on stage will be live-monitored, creating live music, video or light shows. A voting system will also be put in place to evaluate the reaction of audiences to the debates. How actors, audiences and experts will interact about this very important issue?
Creative residencies: Sibiu, Zagreb, Sibiu