An unofficial map showing other routes: this is “The Other Map”, a theatre research and development project focused on the production of a participatory performance, using a “tourist tour” format. New maps will be created, based on memories and stories that belong to people in different cities. This work is realized by Marc Rodrigo – creator and sole member of Colectivo Ameno – and María Stonayova, artist and theatre director.

Artistic Residencies:

Zagreb, Domino: 22.06 – 02.07.2019
Toulouse, Occitanie en scène: 17.07 – 27.07.2019
Ljubljana, Plesni Teater: 01.08 – 11.08.2019
Santander, Café de las Artes Teatro (residency in house): 07.10 – 17.10.2019


Santader, Café de las Artes Teatro: 18.10.2019