Denuded is a spectacular, yet simple, artpiece that goes beyond the purely physical movement and questions the relations between the artist and the spectator. The idea of Denuded is born from the framework set by the previous Isaković’s work Invocation, in which the performer, with physical expressions and stage presence, reminiscents the connection between secular and the spiritual.
The performance Denuded continues researching and deeply touches physical transformation, thus freeing them from the automatic attribution of meaning to what we at a given moment are able to see, recognize, experience. De-dramatizing classic narrative with very simple structure design, Denuded reviews every single relationship between audience and performers.

Choreography: Bruno Isaković; Perfoming: Dina Ekštaj, Željko Drmić, Ilija Surla, Mia Zalukar, Ana Mrak, Branko Banković, Hanna Hellstrom, Kaia Gilje, Bosiljka Vujović Mažuran, Ana Vnučec and Lana Hosni; Dramaturgy: Mila Pavičević, Light design: Aleksandar Čavlek

Cities of residency: Budapest, Zagreb, Sansepolcro