With this project we wished to dig into being, into who we are and how we are. Together. True, different individuals creating and developing as one system fed and conditioned by its diversity.

At the beginning…

we asked ourselves the following: What are the reasons and where does the need for being different originate? But…maybe first of all: what does it mean to be different? How does different manifest itself? Or put otherwise – where is the limit, what is the border line?  What is our relationship to differences?

…as we went on discovering and developing the project…

We started to listen to people, conducting series of interviews to hear about personal experience and views, to hear about wildness and enjoy how one and the same stimulus can give birth to a multitude of responses. Listening for the connection, celebrating the sparkle ignited inside and shedding light on the person’s face.

who is making all this possible?

The project has been initiated and is supported by the Be SpectACTive! network supported by Creative Europe Program and will be developed in frame of the residencies at PONEC Dancehouse Prague, Bakelit Multi Art Center Budapest and Plesni teatr Ljubljana.

Cities of residency: Praha, Lijubljana, Budapest

Barbora Látalová (CZ), Zdenka Brungot Svíteková (SK/N)

Both the artists work internationally as freelanced dancers, performers, choreographers and educators. Their artistic practice includes collaborations with various companies, choreographers, stage directors, visual artists, musicians and both also sign their own work.
Barbora’s and Zdenka’s collaboration started in 2009 with the piece for young audiences Danceand Physics (2010) followed by Animal Carnival (2013), a piece awarded the Audience price and Light design price at Czech dance platform 2014. This choreographic collaboration has later expanded to work open to all ages (designed for tʌtʃ, 2014; The Beauty of Heartless Times by the composer Roman Novák and in collaboration with Pilsen Philharmonic Orchestra in frame of Pilsen 2015).

Their work embraces as well projects addressed to audiences in public spaces, often in dialogue with galleries, in form of interactive performances and/or workshops.
Since 2010 both artists have been leading the Children Studio in Ponec Theatre. Barbora has also been deeply involved as teaching artist in the program Dance at Schools. She has been responsible for its presentation as part of Dance for Children Festival of TANEC PRAHA with Zdenka as a regular collaborator.

One of the leading interests in the artistic work of Barbora and Zdenka is to create and cultivate a space for personal, embodied expression of each individual.



Eva Hromnik (SK/CZ)

Eva was born in Slovakia. For over two decades she has been working as actor and performer on stages and in front of TV or film cameras. Her working experience include collaborations with artists such as directors Min Tanaka, Jana Svobodová, David Radok, Jan Horák and Michal Pěchouček or visual artist Petr Nikl among others. Her performance has been seen in Europe, Asia and US. Eva has also been member of a music band, led workshops in orphanages, refugee camps and has extensive experience with community work. At the same time her professional experience includes production, project management, real estate services, fundraising and travelling services.

Inga Mikshina (RU/CZ)

Инга was born in Siberia, studied dance in Санкт-Петербург and later at Duncan Centre in Prague. She has been working as dancer and choreographer. In 2015 she was among the winners of the choreographic competition Jarmila Jeřábková.

Kateřina Dietzová (CZ/NL)

Kateřina, a Czech born dancer and choreographer is based in Amsterdam. Her artistic inspirations come from her encounters with various international artists world wide in contemporary dance, improvisation, West – african dance and drumming, somatic techniques (a.o.). As part of her work she has initiated several projects focusing on dance and music improvisation. Alongside with her continuing artistic work Kateřina is currently studying osteopathy.

Klára Alexová (CZ/NL)

Klára was born and raised in Czech republic. Since 2005 she has been living and is nowadays based in Amsterdam. She works as a freelanced performer for theatre and film productions and signs her own works. From 2010 to 2013 she has closely collaborated with the Dutch theatre group NNT. She also has worked with theatre directors such as Jakop Ahlbom, Boukje Schweigman, Davy Pieters, Zhana Ivanova, the group Dogtroep and SPITFIRE company. Klára is one of the co-founders and organisers of the festival “OBNAŽENI” presenting international work of dance, mime, fine art and music. Together with artistic work, yoga studies and teaching are also Klara’s passions.

Daniel Raček (SK)

Dano works as a freelanced artist, dancer, choreographer and educator. His dance steps begun in the folk group Váh in Púchov, Slovakia where he was born. During his Academic studies at the Faculty of Mathematic and Physics in Bratislava he gradually moved towards contemporary dance, which he has also been teaching since 1999. As performer he has been working internationally, collaborating with various choreographers and directors, in Slovakia, Hungary, Czech republic, Norway or Greece (a.o). In 2005, Dano has been awarded the Philip Morris price / The Flower of ballet in the category of contemporary dance performer. He also likes to live Igor and to discuss quantum physics.

Jun-Wan Kim (Korea/CZ)

Was born in South Korea. In his late twenties he became member of the internationally acclaimed theatre group Yohangza and started his career as physical theatre performer. In 2007 Jun-Wan relocated to Czech republic and began his long term collaboration with another physical theatre Farm in the Cave including many international tours, researches and acclaimed creations. Responding to the current of life, Wanny relocated again and nowadays works as a freelanced performer and photographer. His other specialities are Korean dance, Korean Traditional Martial Art, Mime, Acrobatics, Capoeira and kimchi /Korean cuisine.

Jelte Van Andel (NL)

Trained as classical musician on double bass, Jelte has been working as musician in ensembles and orchestra’s as well as a performer, composer and maker, collaborating with various choreographers and directors in Netherlands, UK and Turkey. He also has an extensive experience as dramaturge and advisor.

Robert Štěpánek (CZ)

Marie Gourdain (FR/CZ)

Bush Hartshorn (UK)

Bush graduated from Dartington College of Arts in 1982 with a degree in Theatre Language. From that time onwards Bush has pursued a career as a community artist, dramaturge, performer , theatre programmer and artistic director in UK, Spain, Belgium, Netherlands, Ireland and Denmark where he was the Artistic Director of Dansehallerne Copenhagen. In 2009 he qualified as a coach in Relational Dynamics which has informed his work in mentoring dance artists. Since January 2015 Bush has been mentoring/coaching artists in Australia, Cyprus, UK, Spain, Czech Republic and Poland. He is also Dance Curator for Sardegna Teatro, Cagliari, Italy. This has all been underpinned by a lifelong commitment to Liverpool Football Club.