Our residency in Prague, at PONEC – dance venue is at the end. We have met other interesting people as evangelic priest, who talked about difference between trust and faith, with two music teachers for sightless students and the Jan Deyl consevatoire in Prague who introduced us into the world of the school and their experience of working with sightless in Kosovo, and with a Korean doctor of Chinese medicine with a praxis studio in Prague!
Again all the material has been collected, recorded and documented.
The outcomes of those more subtle and fragile meetings will be elaborated and publishedSOON!!
We joined the all Prague event – DIfferent City Experience, on Sunday we had on open dressed rehearsal and talk with the audience. And Monday was the D-day – premiere performance, post performance talk and a pleasant party. THANK YOU it was a ride! 🙂 Keep in touch we will post videos soooooon… 🙂CsvohipXgAAwofl.jpg-large